• Franchised Company

  • Lvliang Hengda Huafu exquisite fitness club in Shanxi Province


    Address:Shanxi Province, Lvliang City, North Street, Lishi District Dragon new train station 300 meters north of Washington fine Hengda Club

  • [Gansu province] Lanzhou Hengda fine Fitness Club


    Address:Gansu province Lanzhou city Qilihe District South Binhe Road Hengda Building

  • Shanxi Hengda oasis exquisite Fitness Club


    Address:Shanxi province Datong Yuhe road and South Central Bridge intersection 500 meters south of the Hengda oasis in the community

  • Wuwei Hengda oasis exquisite fitness club in Gansu Province

    Tel:0935 -6358812

    Address:Gansu province Wuwei city Liangzhou District Ronghua Road Hengda oasis comprehensive building

  • [Gansu province] Golden Times Lanzhou Hengda Mingdu exquisite club


    Address:Gansu province Lanzhou city Qilihe District South Binhe Road Hengda Building

  • [Henan province]Golden Times Fitness Xinxiang Hengda Yayuan branch


    Address:Xinyang City, Henan Province, Yang Shan New District twenty-four new avenue and the new seven Avenue intersection hang in the community

  • Yuncheng Hengda Mingdu exquisite fitness club


    Address:Shanxi Saline Lake District of Yuncheng city road transport and Huayuan street in the northeast corner of the intersection Hengda in the community

  • Liuzhou Hengda Feicuilongting exquisite fitness club


    Address:Liuzhou Yufeng Guangxi District, No. 168 Donghuan Avenue

  • Liuzhou Hengda Huafu exquisite Club


    Address:Guangxi province Liuzhou City Pavilion Avenue South No. 1 Hengda City Community

  • Huaian Hengda golden age fine Fitness Club


    Address:Jiangsu province Huaian city Beijing Road No. 99 bridge 200 meters south of Qingpu Hengda fine Club

  • [Zhengzhou] Zhengzhou Cloud-High Club


    Address:56th Floor, Sourth Tower of Lvdi Twin Towers, No.6 Dongfeng South Road, Zheng Dong New District

  • About us

    Golden Times Fitness, full name is Goldentimes Technology Health Industrial Co., Ltd. Since its foundation on May 8th, 1988, Golden Times has been dedicating itself to all-people fitness movement, persisting in "Fitness is the lifelong health education" and makes "leading China's fitness industry and creating an international fitness brand" as its responsibility. Golden Times takes "foothold in Zhengzhou, serve Henan, impact the world" as its goal to create first-class fitness brand. At present, the company has been operating and will operate more than 70 branches.

    In recently years, Golden Times Fitness gradually achieves regional and strategic cooperation with Hengda group, Lvdi group, Wanke group, achieves strategic cooperation alliance with Shanghai commercial real estate, hand in hand with DE LAGE LANDEN, Everbright Bank, Technogym and other famous enterprises, which refreshes Golden Times F...